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Marking the 100th release celebrations on Senso Sounds, the label does what it does best - hitting us with a wealth of incredible techno from their roster of outstanding artists. Split over 8 separate tracks to mark the occasion, some of the label's key players and big hitters have brought the heat to pay respect to an imprint that has been both incredibly prolific and very influential over the past years.


André Winter starts the party with OneZeroZero - classic Senso techno sounds with a playful Kraftwerk-esque vocal.

The track blends tight drums with the lazer sharp synths André has mastered, while leaving a lot of space for drama and atmosphere.

Carbon joins the Senso Sounds 100th release party with Losing Gravity - a typically direct and effective cut of pure techno energy. Carbon’s touch for groovy techno with a hint of darkness shines through in this track - the atmosphere is euphoric with a twisted underside, and the vocal adds to the feeling of losing control.

Maksim Dark has been a constant presence on Senso Sounds since its inception - the Russian’s precision techno going someway to defining the label’s signature aesthetic. Here, he joins the party to celebrate the 100th release on the imprint, and does it in fine style. Warmbass is the title, which is fitting - a deep, smooth bass underpins the track, while some of the signature synth bursts Maksim is renowned for punctuate the journey. When the 303 finds its way into the mix, the track reaches another level again.


Roman Adam lends his talents to Senso’s 100th release celebration, dropping a firing peak time techno bomb into the mix. Disconnected is prime Senso, a fierce, driving rhythmic work out with bubbling bass, shuffling percussion, surprising drops and a dark, euphoric vibe for the dancers.


ANDATA have a string of excellent releases on Senso Sounds already, and join the fray once again to celebrate the 100th release on the imprint. The Hamburg duo share Lazer Raw - a fittingly titled track for this slice of sharp, purposeful techno.

Midway through the track all hell breaks loose with the arrival of a killer breakbeat and a massive drop before bringing the journey back home.

The Hamburg-based Hatzler contributes a sublime offering to the Senso Sounds 100th release party. Present or Past is the perfect representation of his craft - a trippy techno vibe that incorporates a tightly round groove and dubby synth stabs. It’s almost entirely a percussive track that will thrill DJs and dancers alike when it’s time to get deep in the zone.


The Rostock-bred phenomenon that is Carlo Ruetz returns to his homeground of Senso Sounds to make his mark on the 100th release celebrations. Always So Kind sees him share a track that is both hard as nails and full of heart. The controls are set directly for the heart of the floor - as always with Carlo - and the results are undeniable.


And finally, the Senso Sounds 100th release celebration would not be truly complete without an offering from the man who masterminded it all - Oliver Huntemann. The label founder and ever present guiding spirit brings the heat with Paralleluniversum

- a trippy, evolving, and irrepressible track with a gnarly attitude. This is a track that sums up the spirit of Senso Sounds and sets the mind to thinking about the next 100 releases.

01. André Winter: OneZeroZero

02. Carbon: Losing Gravity

03. Maksim Dark: Warmbass

04. Roman Adam: Disconnected

05. ANDATA: Lazer Raw

06. Hatzler: Present Or Past

07. Carlo Ruetz: Always So Kind

08. Oliver Huntemann: Paralleluniversum

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