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Axis Of Time

Axis Of Time is a brand new project and presents four slices of tough and funky techno for Senso

Sounds. Thunderbird kicks things off - a pounding, relentless beat with some deceptively tricky

hi-hats sets the tone, while the buzzing, rolling bass adds the drama.

Things get dirtier and more unhinged from there. Stronger keeps the vibe rolling, a thick, pulsing groove snakes its way through the track before some acidic synths and fat slabs of noise take the whole thing up a notch.

Hologram also hits hard, sharing a similar sound palette as Thunderbird, but with a deeper vibe.

Last up, Roots fires up the turbos and heads for the sun - a streamlined piece of sci-fi techno that

never lets up. Powerful stuff.

Through space and time like-minded souls connect by the charge of sound. Separate individuals

with decades of wandering across the electronic universe, bound together, following the axis of

techno colours, willing to express and share long suppressed emotions without any limitations.

Following the axis of time anything is possible.


01. Thunderbird

02. Stronger

03. Hologram

04. Roots

Releasedate: 27.11.2020

Label: Senso Sounds

Cat. Nr. : senso074


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